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Nexergy Goes Public

possibly one of The biggest opportunities of 2024!

Pre-ipo | round 2

Pre-ipo round 1 started 1st of November & ended 30th of June.

Nexergy is Green Smart Renewable

Join Nexergy’s innovative green energy initiative and seize a unique  opportunity to contribute and join the venture with Nexergy’s groundbreaking advancements in renewable energy.

Anticipated to go public by next autumn, Nexergy, an emerging industry leader, is poised for one of 2024’s significant events. While market conditions dictate the timing, seize this opportunity by engaging with our expert team for insights and timely updates.

What is an ipo?

Read about IPO’s and Nexergy

Second round of the Pre-IPO sale started on 1st October and will end on 30th April.

The firm is set to issue 600 million shares as agreed upon by the board and primary shareholders, with 150 million shares anticipated to be available to the public during the pre-IPO phase.

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Anders Olsson

” Nexergy is a fantastic venture and will be a huge player in Europes energy market “

CEO of Cassandra Group


Nexergy is dedicated in the venture of developing energy and fossil resources to forge sustainable, long-term solutions.

IPO: Nexergy is gearing up to list on the U.K. stock exchange, and we invite you to be a part of our forthcoming initial public offering.

Promising future: With its pioneering approach and unwavering commitment to sustainability, Nexergy stands as one of the most promising opportunities of 2023.

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What is Nexergy?

Our Mission

Nexergy Holding PLC is a progressive company focused on acquiring businesses and state-of-the-art technologies in the realm of environmentally sustainable energy and fuel production.


Our objective is not just to acquire new assets, but to position ourselves as a dominant player in the energy market across Britain and Europe.

By harnessing our state-of-the-art technologies and pioneering strategies, we aim to bolster self-sufficiency in these regions, diminishing reliance on external energy and fuel sources. This strategy not only fosters the growth of local economies but also holds the potential to reduce energy and fuel prices, guaranteeing more cost-effective access to these vital resources for individuals throughout the region.

Our goal

Nexergy is dedicated to establishing itself as a trusted ally for the people of Britain and Europe in the future energy sector. Our goal is to offer innovative and sustainable solutions, emphasizing state-of-the-art technologies tailored to the unique needs of the communities we serve. We are determined to be at the forefront, catalyzing positive transformation and leaving a lasting imprint on the future energy landscape through reliable and sustainable energy solutions.

Nexergy Business Plan

For a comprehensive understanding of Nexergy’s strategic roadmap and projections, we cordially invite you to download our meticulously crafted Business Plan.

Shares in Nexergy

The company has made 600,000,000 shares available for issuance, as determined by the board and the company’s principal shareholders. During the pre-IPO phase, it is anticipated that 150,000,000 shares will be offered to the public.

Subscription period

The initial subscription period for shares will run from November 1st, 2022, to July 1st, 2023. * Finished *

The second subscription period for shares will run from October 1st, 2023, to April 30th 2024.  * Current *


The Company’s Board reserves the right to extend the subscription period if necessary. Once initiated, the subscription period cannot be halted.



Patrik Urban

Director of Nexergy

“This venture is not merely about energy production; it is a concerted effort aimed at propelling Europe toward a future of energy autonomy and sustainability. By electing to contribute to this pivotal endeavor, you will not only be supporting the germination and growth of a flagship project but also actively participating in fostering energy independence for the entire continent.”

Why is Nexergy a great opportunity?

Early bird gets the worm

As Europe transitions to a more sustainable and self-sufficient energy future, Nexergy stands ready to emerge as a leading figure in the clean energy domain.

With funding still in its nascent stages, shareholders are presented with a rare opportunity to enter the market and potentially realize significant returns once the company goes public. By backing Nexergy’s vision of fostering a cleaner environment and effecting transformative change in the European energy scene, shareholders have the chance to not only make a positive environmental impact but also to benefit from potentially lucrative gains.

Why Energy in 2023?

As we approach a chilly winter, energy prices are projected to soar, with experts forecasting an increase ranging from 120% to 180%.

The S&P 500 energy sector has already witnessed a growth of approximately 46% this year, mirroring the robust demand for energy in the market.

Given the rising global population, energy consumption is anticipated to climb further, paving the way for potential opportunities in the energy sector. With the ongoing unrest in Eastern Europe, energy prices are predicted to stay elevated, positioning the sector as a widely regarded low-risk, high-reward opportunity for 2023.

Take part in Nexergy’s forthcoming IPO today!

Latest News

February 21, 2024

Revolutionize Waste Management in the UK with Innovative "Green Oil" Production

Today, we at Nexergy Holdings PLC are thrilled to announce a landmark initiative that promises to transform the UK’s waste management and energy production landscape. We are embracing the innovative ‘green oil’ technology to turn high carbon waste into a renewable energy source, signaling a major leap towards a sustainable future.

February 13, 2024


We are thrilled to unveil our latest collaboration with NextCrowd, an equity and debt investment crowdfunding platform in the UK, regulated by the Financial Conduct

January 31, 2024


We at Nexergy are excited to announce the successful completion of our significant transaction with the main shareholders of TREIC. This strategic move signifies our

Jan 25, 2024

Expansion into Asia's Sustainable Energy Market

We are pleased to announce that we are currently engaged in negotiations for a transformative venture in Asia. While details are still being refined, we are approaching the final stages of a plan that promises to revolutionize the region with innovative energy facilities.





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